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Providing Wellness Solutions and Compassionate Care to Patients in Dallas, TX and Surrounding Areas

Centerville Medical Center is committed to helping you find wellness and improve your quality of life. From weight loss programs to allergy testing, we spend time with our patients listening to their health and wellness concerns. We combine traditional medical therapies with additional state-of-the-art alternative testing and treatments to give patients the best of what modern medicine has to offer.

Our integrative approach helps patients find the underlying cause of their illnesses. Our medical wellness center offers a variety of anti-aging, aesthetic, and medical solutions for both men and women. Our certified primary care physicians and staff work hand in hand with our patients to determine the best medical solutions to achieve their particular goals.

Dr. Chuck Osuagwu uses his unique knowledge to guide patients through age-related symptoms, alleviating chronic illness, and to help them live healthier and vibrant lives. Our team puts patient care first, taking a comprehensive approach to diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

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Whether you’re suffering from obesity, depression, arthritis, dementia, or more, our team is here to support you. With comprehensive treatment plans that span physical exams, lab testing, traditional and alternative medical approaches, we have provided our patients with relief for their conditions. Contact our team today in Dallas, TX to learn more about how we make patient care our top priority.


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